Ametros 2k18:

Department of Information technology of Anand institute of higher technology proudly presents AMETROS 2k18, on 20.9.2018.We are pleased to invite you to our National level technical symposium “AMETRO 2K18” based on the theme of “Green computing”.Participate to win exciting prizes at the technical and non technical events held.


Here is an amazing opportunity to showcase your ideas on an unique and massive platform in the form of well integrated and intriguingĀ presentation. Participate to explore the inquisitiveness of your mind by giving your incredulous ideas a definitive direction. (RULES)

Tangle design
Are you a creative and technically inclined in creating websites that are aesthetically appealing to the user? Participate in this event to showcase your skill set and win exciting prizes.

Minute to win it
Are you excited to face the challenge of completing our tasks within 60sec? If you think you could, then grab your friends and let the games begin.

Think you could solve our clues the fastest? Compete to race against the clock while solving our questions. Tempting prizes awaits for the quickest teams

Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
Gamers don’t die, they respwan .

1.PUBG- Solo game
3.Unreal tournament
4.Gully cricket

Headphones won’t be provided. Players are requested to bring
their own.